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Music Tuition


Music tuition is held usually in my music room, which is accessible by climbing 12 stairs. If stairs are a problem, however, please let me know as lessons can be arranged downstairs. There is no ramp to my house but only a very small step to get over.


Tuition is open for adults and children, whether you wish to learn for pleasure or to take exams. I have a relaxed approach that makes learning music fun and have had lots of exam success. I believe my tuition is unique because I am able to teach outside the conventional lesson structure as well as traditionally, so I am able to provide any type of musician with exactly what they want to learn!

If you wish to take exams I teach both the standard and jazz ABRSM Syllabuses. All aspects of the exam are introduced gradually, with plenty of work on scales, sight-reading and aural tests, ensuring a feeling of confidence during exam time.

 If you want to learn for pleasure, I always try to assign music tailored to your individual interests. The music will be assigned in such a way that you will have the same learning experiences as if you were taking exams.

I always try to offer incentives for learning, such as competitions and awards, to be encouraging and make learning enjoyable.


I believe that, as a musician, socializing with other musicians is very beneficial. With my music service you have the chance to play and learn with other musicians in Allegro Ensemble (see My Ensemble page).

I have also run two schemes to allow musicians to get in touch with each other: Music Pals and Young Musicians Connected. These are absolutely FREE!

Music Pals is for students aged 18 and over, who wish to get in touch with other musicians just to have a chat or meet up. Contact details with everyone in the scheme are compiled on a list and students involved can contact anybody from here. This scheme is open to Emma Clayton Music Tuition pupils only so will contain just people that I know and trust. (Please note: This is not a dating service!)

Young Musicians Connected is a pen pal scheme for the younger students aged up to 17 years, including Finger Wiggles. In a similar way, names, ages and addresses of all students in the scheme are compiled on a list and they can write to each other or draw pictures etc.

If you don't wish to be part of either scheme please don't worry, this is not compulsory. I will only ever release contact details for students who have stated that they wish to take part and have provided written permission for this. (For Young Musicians Connected, this will be from the parent or guardian.)



Years of experience has taught me that children, especially under 10s, need a different style of teaching to adults to keep them motivated.

 In addition to set work for their instruments, we also play educational games, such as Musical Snap, and use percussion instruments and CD music to learn about rhythm and pulse. Depending on the child's interests I also give them the opportunity to make up their own compositions and write them down.

 These techniques not only keep children interested in lessons, but teach them valuable theory and practical skills in a way that is fun for them. 

To motivate children further I have introduced a Musician Award Scheme. I give children their own unique targets to achieve something that they don't find easy with music. When this target is completed they each get a certificate and button badge!


Finger Wiggles Piano and Music, based alongside other private lessons in my home, is a unique learning scheme for very young musicians aged 2-5. Lessons are on a 1 to 1 basis and are 20 minutes long, ideal for short attention spans!

With Finger Wiggles children learn the very basic elements of music, such as high and low sounds, clapping rhythms etc, along with basic music following and finding their way around the piano. Colour and shape codes are used initially for music to enable children to have something familiar to work with. Each lesson is full of nursery rhymes and games, making them lots of fun!

Finger Wiggles is assessed using sticker charts, with lots of certificates to aim for, enabling even the tiniest musicians to feel satisfaction and achievement!

If you are looking into Finger Wiggles for your child, please be aware that all children aged 4 and under must be accompanied by an adult in the Music room.


Special Fingers is for children and young people with Special Educational Needs, based on a similar concept to Finger Wiggles. The course differs because it is tailored to the student's individual age, needs and personal interest. Before the course starts the parent or carer will need to complete a questionaire about the student, stating his/her needs and what we can work on, to enable me to create a course that the person will enjoy and achieve from.

As with Finger Wiggles, it can assessed with sticker charts and certificates to chart progress, or alternatives can be provided if this does not suit the individual.

Depending on age and/or needs, please be aware that I may ask that the student is accompanied by a responsible adult in the Music room.


The poor recorder gets such a lot of bad press, with many parents shuddering when their child brings one home from school! Don't worry though, there is a way to make them sound nice.

Recorder Tamer works by carefully focusing on each individual note, playing fun games and music at the same time. Stickers will be issued per each note that is secure and, once completed, the child will get a special, unofficial certificate! If once completed the child wants to learn further, he/ she can progress to private lessons. The recorder is also part of the ABRSM exam syllabus.

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